Over the October recess, activists held more than 120 events in towns and cities across the country. You attended and asked questions about impeachment at more than 137 town halls. Now, we're doing it again. 

Activists nationwide are joining together during the upcoming November recess (November 2 through Veterans Day, November 11) to tell House Democrats we have their backs and ask Republicans #OneSimpleQuestion: whether they think it's OK to ask a foreign power to interfere in our elections.

Every member—Democrat and Republican—needs to remember the oath they took to protect the Constitution, and speak out publicly in this moment to say nobody is above the law.

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Find a Town Hall or In-District Event

Use the map below to find an event near you over recess (November 2-November 11). No event scheduled near you? Scroll down to plan and register your own and we will help you recruit. If you know your Republican member of Congress will be at a publicly-scheduled event, like your town's Veterans Day parade, you can also register it to let people know you'll be out there bird-dogging them on impeachment.

Help! My member of Congress doesn’t have an event listed!

That’s OK! Now’s your chance to lead: Use our resources to plan a district office visit or a bird-dogging opportunity and we’ll help you recruit other nearby activists. 

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Impeach Trump Now (and ask Republicans #OneSimpleQuestion)

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I’m confused: 
What’s the most recent news on impeachment?

We know – there’s lots of breaking news every day and it’s confusing! Here's all you need to know:

  • Trump pushed Ukraine to interfere in our 2020 elections.
  • He used US military aid to pressure them to dig up dirt on his political opponent.
  • Then, he tried to cover it up.
  • If the average person did this, they'd go to jail.

No matter what else we learn, or what desperate tactics Trump tries to use to distract, the facts here are what matters. It's critical that Congress move forward with impeachment because nobody is above the law.

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#OneSimpleQuestion this Veterans Day recess.

It's a simple question: Do you think it's OK to ask a foreign power to interfere in our elections? Yet, Republicans have been having a really hard time answering it. This Veterans Day recess, show up at your Republican member of Congress' district office, at a town hall, or at a public event you know they will be attending (think: parades) and ask them yourself. Keep it simple, don't back down, and get it on video. Upload it, post it on social media using #OneSimpleQuestion, and we'll uplift you. 

*Please note, for events listed as Staff Office Hours, please do not expect the member of Congress to be present. It's still an important opportunity to show up and discuss impeachment with a member of Congress' staff.